For Patty Jenkins (Wonder-Woman 84), SVOD platforms don’t make real cinema

Is it the hospital that doesn’t give a damn about charity? In the middle of CinemaCon in Las Vegas, director Patty Jenkins looked back on the release of Wonder-Woman 1984 and its simulcast on HBO Max.

At CinemaCon, the pandemic and the controversial choices of Warner Bros. and Disney as for the distribution of their feature films were on everyone’s lips. A few days after the tacles de Sony to its direct competitors, it is the turn of the director Patty Jenkins to be rather critical with the streaming platforms. During a conference during the event reserved for film professionals, she spoke about the simultaneous broadcast of her latest film on HBO Max and in theaters.

“I’m not a big fan of the simultaneous release and hope to avoid it forever. Movies are made for the big screen. ” She explains in particular that the decision to make Wonder-Woman 1984 available on the streaming platform was “A heartbreaking and extremely damaging experience for the film”. She adds that it was then the “Best choice of a bunch of really bad choices right now.”

Not real movies

If her film was designed for the big screen, the filmmaker is rather critical of feature films from Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. “All streaming movies, I’m sorry, but they look like bogus movies. I don’t hear about them, I don’t read anything about them. It doesn’t work like a blueprint to establish legendary greatness. ”

Patty Jenkins should therefore focus her efforts on the big screen in the coming years. The director will be in charge of a third installment of the adventures of Wonder-Woman, still worn by Gal Gadot. As for his previous film, Wonder-Woman 1984, it is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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