GAFAM: China calls for greater social responsibility

While the country still applies an increasingly repressive policy on technological giants, the latter is now calling on the big names in tech to be more socially respectful.

Only a few days after the implementation of a new curfew prohibiting minors from play more than three hours a week, China is once again attacking the web giants. In Beijing’s sights for several months now, big tech companies will now have to show up more socially respectful, and especially with their employees.

A few days ago, the country thus made illegal the “996”, A salary practice adopted by several big names in tech such as ByteDance, Alibaba or even, and which consists of impose heavy working hours on its employees (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) six days a week. A decision that recently forced the parent company to TikTok to abolish its overtime system on weekends. For their part, several other companies have taken similar decisions. The Meituan food delivery service, regularly criticized for the working conditions of its delivery people, has now announced that a mandatory break will be put in place. Unions have also been formed at Alibaba and

Aiming for “common prosperity”

At a time when more and more Chinese workers are subjected to exhausting work rates, causing many burnouts within the middle professional categories, Beijing’s new priority therefore seems to be focused on the happiness of its fellow citizens. . “The well-being of the people should focus on promoting common prosperity in order to strengthen the foundations of long-term governance of the Party”, Chinese President Xi JinPing announced in a speech on August 17, now calling for a “Common prosperity”. It remains to be seen what these decisions will concretely change in the daily lives of workers in the country.

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