GLS Spain now allows you to track shipments and receptions from a mobile app

GLS Spain is one of the main parcel companies in Spain. Every day thousands of packages are sent and received using GLS logistics, and from now on it can be done from the mobile with a new app, My GLS.

The idea is to replace the SMS, a system used every time we are going to receive a package. On its website we can see the progress, to know when it will arrive at our home or office, but from the app it is much easier.

The idea is that with «My GLS» you can manage shipments and receptions, both on Android and iPhone / iPad. The app offers the status of shipments, and allows you to modify delivery preferences, as well as receive alerts and notifications so that we are always aware of where the package is at all times.

But it is not only used for the end user who receives the packages, it can also be used by companies that usually hire GLS services, since this contract can be done directly from the app.

To send something through the app we have to define the dimensions of the package, select the origin and define which is the destination, limiting itself to the GLS ParcelShop network. Payment is made online from the same app.

Once the process is done, we will have to take the package to the selected point of convenience.

Other functions it offers: mark an alternative delivery address, send the package to a GLS ParcelShop convenience point and modify times and dates.

If you are interested, here are the links Android and iOS.

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