How to optimize Google and Facebook advertising using Adtuo

It is not easy to manage advertising campaigns. Analyze results, modify images, change texts, target different audiences … these are hours and hours that we must invest for the campaign to be effective, so that visitors become happy customers who were looking for exactly what we offer.

It is a task that requires a lot of experience, as well as being always updated with the new tools offered by the sector.

Today I will talk about one of them that has just been presented to us. This is Adtuo, a tool that is defined as the first open and collaborative growth platform to manage and optimize Google Ads and Facebook Ads, a tool that also uses artificial intelligence to save time and improve results.

If you already use Google Sheets, Slack, email, Asana, and other collaborative tools to create group campaigns and get feedback, surely what Adtuo offers will catch your attention:

– Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising integration.
– Improved campaign creation and management.
– AI-driven optimization with recommendations.
– Comments within campaigns, ad sets, ads, and graphics.
– Built-in automatic ad copy generator.
– Traffic Light View powered by AI to analyze numbers in minutes.
– Integrated online image editor with free images.
– User profiles and public campaigns to share in public.
– Reports.
– Integrated libraries such as: Lead Forms, Media, and Ads.
– Performance view to discover the best ads and audiences.
– Manage users on multiple platforms regardless of their permissions.

The objective is to help grow without having to waste a lot of time managing ads, although it is aimed at collaboration between several people, so that if you are a private user who manages campaigns without help from anyone, you may not serve a lot.

They also have a premium plan that adds some options to the free plan, such as managing comments older than 30 days, for example.

You can try it in Above you have a video where I show some touches of the platform.

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