iiiF150 launches the R2022, the first rugged gaming mobile with a 90Hz refresh rate

The summer holidays are over, and they are the first in which I have been able to use a ruggedized mobile phone for several hours a day, taking it to the beach, diving with it, going up the mountain without fear of falling … resistant mobiles are every time more popular, and that causes them to drop in price, raise the specifications and stop being considered as “mobiles for miners”.

Today is the presentation day of the iiiF150 R2022, a mobile of this type that can boast of something not very typical in the sector, a screen refresh rate of 90Hz.

Available and Aliexpress For less than 200 euros until September 12, it has some frightening specifications for that price:

iiiF150 R2022

  • 6.7 inch screen FHD con 90Hz.
  • 1.1mm Corning Gorilla Glass resistant to 1.8J steel ball impact drop. 1.5m drop test.
  • Dual AF camera. Has a 64MP rear camera(The main one), a 20MP (night vision) and a 2MP macro. The cameras enable excellent night photography, AI sequence detection, portrait, HDR, AI-controlled beauty filter, slow-motion time-lapse and Macro photography.
  • Reproduce video at 4k 30FPS.
  • It is water resistant for 8 hours at a depth of 1.5 m (4 times higher than the industry standard). In fact, it is the industry’s first diving grade waterproof product with a depth of 3 meters and 4 hours.
  • Test fingerprint unlock 100,000 times
  • Normal operation from -20 ℃ a 70 ℃.
  • 8300 mAh battery, allowing normal operation for several days.
  • Chipset 4G flagship MTK G95 with 8 cores, 800MHz GPU, with 8 of RAM and 128 storage.

iiiF150 R2022

  • Android 11.
  • Built-in applications, such as magnifying glass, timing, protractor, plumb line, flashlight, voice simulation, noise test, compass, pedometer and watch.

iiiF150 R2022

IiiF150 R2022 layout

iiiF150 R2022

The first thing that catches your eye is its octagonal design. They combine the octagon of great impact highlighting the appearance, the camera and the user interface, leaving the metal protection frame very visible giving resistance and texture.

The design helps to relate it to an off-road vehicle. They use infrared light when turning it on, it has a speaker design reminiscent of the rear wing of a car in a body where the three dimensions stand out quite a bit.

iiiF150 R2022

When it comes to color, they use shades that are reminiscent of volcanoes. The texture is delicate and the simple design brings a kind of mystery to the product. This texture also provides non-slip and waterproof attributes.

They also use Sahara colors, as if it were camouflaged in nature.

When it comes to materials, they use 304 steel, but have made the result light and thin. It has a 15.5mm body, which is difficult to achieve with a high capacity 8300mAh battery.

IiiF150 R2022 display

iiiF150 R2022

The main protagonist of the mobile is the screen. 6.78-inch FHD with Corning Gorilla Rugged Glass and 90Hz frequency with higher touch sample rate of 180Hz.

This guarantees more images and a better response to the touch.

Gamer mobiles need high refresh rates so that movements look more natural, especially in shooter games, where a more natural movement can offer a key variable when it comes to winning the game.

To protect itself, it uses 1.1 mm of Corning Glass, and in tests they manage to withstand impacts 9 times stronger than that of ordinary mobile phones.

The camera and its night vision

iiiF150 R2022

The 64MP main camera is great, but what stands out is the focus on infrared night vision, the industry’s first dual-autofocus high-pixel camera combination.

iiiF150 R2022

The 20MP night vision device features two high-quality infrared lights to quickly capture targets in dim light and pure darkness. See what it can achieve with high exposure time:

iiiF150 R2022

During the day the colors stand out, as can be seen in this shot using the macro:

iiiF150 R2022

The awesome battery

iiiF150 R2022

8300 mAh is a lot of mAh, so much that it could be used in power saving mode for two months.

In normal use it could take about 3 or 4 days, although it depends a lot on the type of application that is being used, we already know that there are apps that consume much more than others.

Link and price

Remember, it is available and Aliexpress for less than 200 euros until September 12

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