Jaadoo, a screenshot manager for mobile

Screenshots are a daily bread for most of the people who use the Internet on their mobile. It is the easiest way to save important or interesting content that came across our screen.

While most phone image galleries tend to separate the screenshots into a separate album, this separation is often not enough. Among hundreds or thousands of images accumulated over time, it is tedious to separate wardrobe photos from documents, for example. To make a finer selection of these images, an app offers the solution.

Automatic classification of screenshots on mobile

The most striking developments and advances in recent times that are related to the treatment and management of images, have come from the hand of artificial intelligence. Jaadoo is an application designed for cases like the one presented above. This manager allows you to search, manage and share screenshots stored on your mobile, with the help of an automatic classification algorithm.

Among the possibilities of use highlighted by the same application in its presentation, it stands out the automatic classification of captures of electronic books, tweets, websites, accounts and images for inspiration or reference, coming from Instagram, Pinterest or other similar platforms.

To guarantee adequate trust, from Jaadoo they affirm to respect the privacy of their users, ensuring that no screenshot or additional information leaves the phone during the process, since the analysis of the screenshots is carried out locally on the mobile and not on external servers.

This application, available for both Android and iOS, allows you to more comfortably manage the information that is recorded through screenshots, a mode that is not usually subjected to a previous classification filter. In its free mode, Jaadoo Basic, it is possible to search and manage the last 200 registered screenshots. Its paid counterpart, Jaadoo Pro, supports unlimited search and management of screenshots.

When it comes to digital productivity tools, the range of available options is immense, nurtured with news that appear periodically. In this case, what Jaadoo offers is a practical solution for an everyday situation.

More information about the features of the application and its interface, together with the download links of its apps from the application stores, can be obtained from the Jaadoo website.

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