Merger: two French companies launch a versatile and connected electric bike

Intended for both long-term rental and urban self-service, the new electric bicycle designed by Zoov and Smoove hopes to democratize the use of 0% carbon in cities.

Fruit of the collaboration of two French companies, Fusion may soon replace our good old Vélibs. Imagined last April by Smoove and Zoov, the product made official today is presented as the very first electric bike connected for users and cities. Concretely, the latter aims to be sold both to individuals for individual use, but also to operators, for self-service use.

First in Bordeaux

The inhabitants of Bordeaux will be the first to benefit from the new model imagined by Smoove and Zoov, already operating self-service bicycles in the city since 2019. A first subscription offer will be unveiled this fall, and pre-registrations are now and already open on the official website of the company.

With its 65 km of autonomy and the possibility of recharging up to 10 bikes simultaneously on a single terminal thanks to electromagnets. Equipped with a luggage rack and a support for a child seat, the Fusion bike will be notably equipped with a removable battery and an electronic lock to avoid unpleasant surprises. A mobile application connected to the device will also allow you to manage your subscription, both in self-service and in LLD, but also to locate a bike nearby, follow a GPS route and receive notifications in the event of a low battery. or attempted theft.

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