Only on behalf of Mégane is Renault’s new electric car

The French have placed the family electric car on a brand new floorboard, which will arrive in Hungary next spring.


Reanult has decided not to vary the model names, but to send its latest electric car to the roads under the name Mégane E-Tech Electric. This is in any case justified by the fact that the wheelbase is similar to that of the Mégane, but the novelty tends more towards the SUV category in height, which is aided by wheels up to 20 inches in size.


The Mégane E-Tech Electric is based on a brand new floorboard, dubbed the easy-to-remember CMF-BEV, specifically designed for electric drive with the battery on the floor, otherwise designed to replace the complete battery within two hours. The Reanult will offer the car with two capacities, the smaller battery promising 40 kWh and the larger 60 kWh, promising ranges of 300 and 470 kilometers according to WLTP. The 400-volt system is otherwise cooled together with the engine, and an attempt is made to make the heating more economical with a heat pump solution.


Reanult has so far been careful to offer the correct charging speed on AC with the on-board inverter, which can now be 7.2 kW on one phase, 22 kW on three phases and 130 kW on DC. is also capable, although it is still the maximum charging speed that the car can absorb, especially in the initial phase, when the batteries are at the ideal temperature of 25-30 degrees.


The electric Mégane will be available with two power motors, the smaller one offering “only” 130 horsepower and the larger one 218 horsepower, so the 0-100 sprint is in 7.4 seconds and the maximum torque is 300 Nm. At Reanult, great care was taken to keep the weight of the car from losing weight, even the larger cordless Mégane was only 1.6 tons, which is due to the reduction in the weight of the electric motor and the good energy density of the batteries. According to the manufacturer, the Mégane’s electric motor will certainly not need to be touched for 400,000 kilometers.


All the electronic solutions have been placed under the hood (including the air conditioning), making the interior surprisingly spacious and the boot according to Renault at 440 liters, although those who have already seen the electric Mégane live say it is a bit of an exaggeration. In the area in front of the driver, of course, there is a digital dashboard, and the center display, gently facing the driver, is 12 inches, but luckily the climate panel buttons weren’t included in the onboard system, but lined up there below the display. The platform is based on Android, so it will be full of Google services, but anyway, some 26 kinds of driving support solutions have been built in, plus of course the smartphone integration is also given. They even thought of putting a QR code on the windshield that firefighters alerted to a possible fire could read and get the car’s interior.


The car will be assembled in France, distribution in Hungary may start next spring (depending on the chip shortage and battery production capacity), there are no prices yet, foreign experts estimate the price of Mégane E-Tech Electric at HUF 15-18 million.

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