Rick and Morty pay each other Doc Brown for a teaser

The series paid homage to the duo from which it was inspired, calling on Christopher Lloyd to play a live-action Rick.

The inspirations of the creators of Rick and morty are numerous. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have never hidden having wanted to pay tribute to some monuments of pop culture with their animated series. This is the case of Back to the future, whose two characters have been revisited for the purposes of the plot. Under the guidance of the two screenwriters, Doc Brown and Marty McFly become a self-centered grandfather and a teenage boy a little west who travel to distant galaxies through interdimensional portals.

If the tribute was already unequivocal, it has just taken on a whole new dimension. On Twitter, Adult Swim unveiled a live-action promo clip, starring Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell as Rick and Morty. The sequence, of just a few seconds, did not fail to make fans react on social networks, a few days before the broadcast of the grand final in the United States. If many imagined this was footage from the last episode, it looks like Adult Swim has decided to keep the mystery alive.

A live-action episode from January 2021?

Since yesterday, the channel has already shared no less than 3 sequences of the genre on social networks, with the mention C-137. Are the creators preparing a live-action episode for us? Only time will tell, but we must admit that we are rather excited by the idea. We might not even have to wait very long since the last publication mentions what looks like a date, next January.

To watch Rick and Morty in France, it’s on Adult Swim. This final episode, as well as all the other chapters, is now available on the platform. This is the very first season to air exclusively on the streaming service. The subscribers Netflix this time will not be able to discover it a few months later.

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