tado app now shows energy consumption and heating costs in real time

After a new update, the tado app can now also display the current energy consumption and heating costs in real time.

tado app offers a new cost forecast

tado, manufacturer of smart radiator thermostats, offers its users a new way of saving costs with an auto-assist subscription. The function is now being gradually introduced to view your energy consumption in real time and at the same time to receive a forecast for the expected costs. As a user, you can see directly what cost savings can be achieved by using various functions of the system.

Gas and electricity prices have risen to unprecedented highs in large parts of Europe and citizens will feel it this winter. Thanks to connectivity, cloud computing and data science, however, it is now possible to decide for yourself how much you spend on living comfort. At the moment, many consumers have their heating in operation without knowing exactly what this really means for their annual bill. With our new cost prediction tool, the customer has his own heating costs under control.

Christian Deilmann tado ° co-founder and CPO

The new feature will be gradually introduced for selected user groups this heating season. Additional expansions will follow in this heating period with ongoing updates.


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