The Nubia cools up the cooling fan

The Red Magic 6S Pro is made with a cooling unit with 200% higher performance and RGB LED lighting.


Nubia is constantly publishing the latest information Red Magic 6 model, which will be unveiled on 9 September. They develop on hardware, which can only be Snapdragon 888+ on an exclusive basis, given that there is no stronger Android set currently on the market, official previews and they are very informative. From this we also know that the tactile sensitivity of a 165 Hz panel increases to 720 Hz and the delay decreases to 7.4 milliseconds.


They also increase the performance of the cooling system and charging. In addition to the multi-layer cooling system combined with graphene, the active cooling fan will also be stronger, plus nice color thanks to the RGB LED lighting. The charging power increases to 120 watts, and some kind of air cooling is also built into the charger due to temperature control. However, it is questionable whether 120 watts will already be available in all regions or only in China. The Red Magic 6 only got a 30 watt adapter, while in China it comes with a 60 watt adapter.

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