A portable speaker that catches the eye with the naked eye, new from LG

LG Electronics (LG) has just unveiled a device that will literally allow users to go with their music “elsewhere”, both indoors and outdoors, and the best thing is that this device is capable of delivering loud sound. quality in all directions with an autonomy of up to ten hours per charge.

We speak logically of a portable speaker, but it is not just any speaker, since the LG XBOOM 360 is a speaker that makes a difference, and that is noticeable at first glance through its conical-cylindrical design.

In addition to his excellent audio quality, capable of delivering detailed and immersive sound for all music categoriess Thanks to the use of premium components, this device houses a light that is capable of also generating lantern functions, or even ambient lighting through its three presets: Ambience, Nature and Party, although users also have other personalized lighting options, and that, together with the sound effects available through companion app, the party is more than assured.

This application also has the DJ effect for users to mix samples, effects and other types of sound. According LG, your new speaker is partially manufactured with recycled plastics and other post-consumer materials, thus receiving the green product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland, in addition to the validation of environmental claim from Underwriters Laboratories and also the recognition of recycled standard Control Union’s global certifications.

Returning to the sound quality, from the press release of the launch, they point out the following:

The superior build quality of the tweeter and woofer also helps create a compelling and exceptionally well-balanced soundstage. The tweeter’s titanium diaphragm creates a linear frequency for excellent performance and accurate reproduction in the high-frequency range. Additionally, the speaker’s durable fiberglass woofer generates dynamic bass with a clear, natural mid-range response.

Those interested will be able to choose between the Beige, Burgundy, Charcoal Black and Peacock Green color options, initially arriving in the United States later this month at a price of $ 369.99.

It will already be a matter of the device conquering new markets along the way to the delight of those users who want to listen to music in any environment they want.

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