A possible solution to have the electric car charged in 5 minutes

One of the main problems facing the electric car market is the loading time, although there are others, such as the high price of the vehicle or the shortage of recharging points.

Very few are willing to have to charge the electric car 3 times in a trip of 600 km and have to wait more than an hour (hopefully) at each point, and that in a very special route to avoid running out of a charging point every 200 km.

I have thought of a solution that could change the way these cars are used, although it requires a logistics and a manufacturing process quite different.

Imagine the scene:

We arrived at a normal fuel station, with the car almost unloaded. We put it on a surface, a machine comes out of the bottom, removes the battery from our car, and puts a fully charged battery. Those responsible for the fuel station would charge the battery to be able to put it in the next car that arrives with the same need.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this system.


– The driver could use any of the thousands of fuel stations already in place.
– The car would come out with a 100% battery in just a few minutes.
– The batteries would always be in perfect condition, since there would be a technical service analyzing all the spent batteries that the cars leave in the fuel station.
– Spent batteries could be recharged at any time, even using renewable energy such as solar panels installed near each fuel station, to facilitate logistics.
– The batteries would not belong to the driver but to the manufacturer, so that when a car reaches the end of its useful life, the battery returns to the manufacturer for recycling. That could also make the car cheaper, since the driver would not have to pay for the battery but for the charging service at the stalls.


– It would be necessary for all cars to have a removable battery.
– It would be necessary to have one or several different models of batteries, not many, for a car to find a compatible battery in any position. If each manufacturer uses a different battery system, the project could be unfeasible.
– It would be necessary to create battery extraction platforms in all positions, or simple to use extraction systems, although given the weight of the batteries it would be impractical to do it manually.

I know it is dreaming a lot, but we are taking the first steps in a sector that still has a lot to say, so it is the best time for brainstorming.

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