Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Coming To Mobile Soon

Already available on other platforms, the expansion DLC will finally make its way onto mobile at the end of September.

While it was released over a year ago on mobile, the successful roguevania Dead Cells has already offered a DLC called The Bad Seed, which added new biomes, new enemies and new weapons. This time, Playdigious, which is in charge of the game’s mobile development, announces the arrival of another DLC. It is Fatal Falls, which also brings new environments, new weapons and new enemies.

Dead Cells is a 2D action game in which you have to explore dungeons and kill fierce enemies just like a real dungeon crawler and roguelike. Its gameplay is demanding and never linear which makes it a perfect game for fans of challenge, as well as retro design. Dead Cells is also available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, in addition to being accessible on iOS and Android.

Pricing and availability

Mobile platforms are the ones that have the most lag compared to the DLC offered. We do not find the extension Rise of the Giants which is available on other media. That’s why each DLC is eagerly awaited and makes a splash on iOS and Android. Fatal Falls will therefore be available for purchase from September 21 at a price of € 3.99, while the base game is offered at € 8.99.

That same day, players will be able to enjoy a free update to Custom Mode. We will find new enemies, a new biome and eight new mutations. New weapons and never-before-seen items will also be featured, all to give players greater control over game customization.

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