Guides in Facebook groups, this is how they work

Some Facebook groups have an option called Guides, ideal for organizing content and encouraging members to review it in a different way than they would by analyzing the group’s feed.

To explain how it works, I show you the example of the group Barcelona, ​​what does not appear in the tourist guides, available at this link.

Guides can be managed from the computer. To create them you just have to go to the guides tab of the administration section and click on the “Create Guide” button. Only an administrator can do it.

Guides in Facebook groups

Guides in Facebook groups

Once the guide is created, we can write an article, or upload a photo or video directly from the new guide, but it is more practical to select an existing post and save it in the new guide created.

Guides in Facebook groups

Guides in Facebook groups

Guides in Facebook groups

Once we have fed the guide, they will all be available to the group members.

When they visit a guide they will see the publications within them, as well as a counter indicating which ones are completed. Completed is a publication marked as “ready”.

Guides in Facebook groups

What can the Facebook Group Guides be used for?

As you can see below, each publication of each guide has a READY button that must be pressed when the member wishes. In the case of a tourist group they can press READY when they have visited it, in the case of a cooking group they can press READY when they have made the recipe … the possibilities are very numerous.

Guides in Facebook groups

Facebook informs members what happens when they click done:

Marking posts as completed helps both you and admins keep track of your progress in units.

Guides in Facebook groups

Administrators can view group statistics, as well as details about the completion of guides and posts, which helps a lot to know how the development of the community is progressing within the created group.

How can I activate Guides in my Facebook group

Not all groups have guides available, only social learning groups, such as show facebook help page.

Guides can be switched on and off seamlessly, but can only be done by the group administrator.

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