Homey Keynote – Athom introduces Homey Bridge

The company Athom presented Homey Bridge at a keynote today. A cloud-based variant with a subscription model.

The new Homey Bridge costs 69 euros

If you want to get more out of your smart home and don’t want to fiddle around with umpteen different apps, the Homey Smart Home central unit allows you to control almost everything from a single source. However, Homey Pro costs 399 euros and is therefore not something that anyone can buy without thinking twice.

This is where Athom comes in with the Homey Bridge presented today. A device that accesses the Homey service in the cloud. If you click on a ZigBee light switch, the command is sent to the bridge and from there to the cloud. Here the command is processed, sent back to the bridge and from there to a Z-Wave smart plug, for example. Homey as an app is associated with costs with this step, however, if you want to use more than five devices. If this is the case, you pay 2.99 euros per month for the unlimited scope of use. Without a subscription, Homey is completely free for every user.

The reactions in the live chat during the event were very mixed. Many users are not convinced of the new idea, while others were enthusiastic. It is important to know that Homey Pro will continue to exist as a device for the pro user. This is important for all those who prefer local control to a cloud solution.

Homey Bridge is now available in Manufacturer’s online shop available. The new Homey app is, however, still in the beta phase, for which you are apply can.

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