Ledvance Smart + WiFi remote control surfaced

The manufacturer Ledvance has added a new remote control for controlling its WiFi lights to its range.

Ledvance Smart + WiFi Remote spotted on Amazon

The manufacturer Ledvance is known for its various ZigBee lights and lamps, which can also be integrated into the Philips Hue system. In addition to ZigBee, Ledvance also has WiFi products in its range that can be used without a hub.

For these WiFi lights, Ledvance now has a new remote control in its range, which serves as an alternative control option in addition to the app or voice control. The remote control can control up to 15 devices and is able to dim the lights, change the color and the temperature and of course switch them on and off.

The Ledvance Smart + app is required to set up the remote control. The price is 17.99 euros, the two required AAA batteries are not included.

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