Melomania 1+, this is the new Cambridge Audio headphones

After a few weeks testing the Melomania 1+, from Cambridge Audio, I am ready to present a gem when it comes to audio quality, although they just didn’t quite fit my ear (I had to have a problem).

I’ll tell you on video, where I tell you everything that comes in the box and its main advantages: battery and sound quality.

They are headphones with a different design than what I am used to. It has several silicone tips, including those that deform and take time to return to their original shape (ideal for me).

The touch sensitivity is good, and the mobile application is enough to personalize the sound with an equalizer, as well as to know all the actions that we can do with both the button on the right and the left earphone.

The headphones are light and cute, although the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro is still my favorite (yes, I know, they cost twice the price).

Cambridge Audio has always stood out for its sound quality, and it never disappoints. Even the mic is amazing, with a sensitivity of 96dB at 1kHz and a frequency response of 100Hz to 8kHz.

Regarding the battery, they charge in two hours and can reach 9 hours of continuous playback without having to put it in the box. If we activate the audio enhancement mode, those 9 hours are reduced to 7.

The background noise is quite well isolated, but it does not have any intelligent adjustment system based on the type of sound that is heard.

You can find them for just under 100 euros on the website of

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