Mercedes bets all on electric power with four new models

Mercedes has just unveiled four new electric vehicles, the EQE, the Maybach EQS, the EQG concept and the EQS AMG.

It’s back to school with car manufacturers. While they should unveil their novelties during the IAA Mobility, a motor show which will open on September 7 in Munich, Mercedes gets ahead and lifts the veil on four new electric vehicles. There are therefore four different models, including the EQE, the Maybach EQS, the EQG concept and the AMG EQS. All are electrified, but they are each intended for a very different target.

The first of these vehicles, the EQE, is certainly one of the most attractive. In fact, it is neither more nor less than a mini EQS, as it looks like it. Smaller, of course, but still powerful: we find a 215 kW engine with 530 Nm of torque and a 90 kW battery allowing to reach 660 km of autonomy. In the cabin, we take advantage of l’Hyperscreen, this dashboard incorporating a giant 141 cm screen.

Mercedes EQE
Credit: Mercedes

As for the Mayback EQS and the EQG concept, they won’t be for everyone. The Mayback EQS is a luxury SUV that introduces a new modular platform. The EQG concept, meanwhile, is a drastic evolution of the famous all-terrain brand from Stuttgart. However, this is only a concept and the business model is not expected until 2023.

Finally, the new EQS AMG is gaining muscle to move into the sports division. Its most powerful version, equipped with the AMG Dynamic Plus package, will be able to go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds, thanks to an engine power of 560 kW.

Mercedes EQS AMG
Credit: Mercedes

All these novelties clearly demonstrate the desire of the German brand to accelerate its transition to electric on all its models. By 2030, Mercedes should completely abandon combustion cars. In the meantime, in 2025, the brand would like to offer at least one electrified alternative in each of its ranges.

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