Microsoft Edge makes it easy to change a password that has been leaked online

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is adding a new feature to help users change a leaked password quickly without the hassle of too many options.

A function that is added to your password manager and that takes you directly to the corresponding web service to make the change.

New Microsoft feature to change leaked passwords

Microsoft Edge already has a password manager that makes it easy to log in and even choose powerful combinations that are difficult to break. And it even has an option that allows the browser to alert us if it detects that a password has been leaked on the web. And with the arrival of version 94 of Microsoft Edge, this dynamic is enhanced.

This version adds support for a web standard that makes it easy for users to change passwords if the browser detects that they are on a web list of leaked passwords. This function integrates with Microsoft Edge Password Manager by adding a new button to change the password.

When the user selects that option, Microsoft Edge directs them to the web service page to change the password. And of course, it also shows a series of options for the user to use a secure password, and stop the bad habit of putting the name of your pet, birthday date and all passwords that do not seem to go out of style facilitating the work of hackers .

This new Microsoft Edge dynamic will be found under Settings >> Profiles >> Passwords >> Filtered Passwords. If the Microsoft browser has found a leaked password, a highlighted message will appear saying “X new passwords leaked”. Just clicking on that message will show the filtered passwords, user names and the corresponding websites, along with the option “Change”.

A simple dynamic that alerts us to a password leak and makes it easy for us to change it quickly before we get into serious trouble.

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