New Facebook Badges for Professional Pages

Professional Facebook Pages are starting to show some badges to alert followers to the type of activity and content expected.

At the moment only some pages have had access to them, so I will tell you what they have presented to us from one that already enjoys the new function.

Is about ArquEfi, a construction company that already has some of the insignia, as seen in the following screenshots.

facebook badges

facebook badges

facebook badges

Available for the moment only in the mobile version, the badges are obtained as we complete more information about the page. In this example we have two of them:

– Full page badge. Shown with a book, it is achieved by adding useful information about the business.
– Active page badge. It is displayed with a pencil, and is achieved when information is published regularly.

The badges appear just below the name, although they are not visible to everyone, as it is still a beta feature.

What are Facebook badges for?

The objective of displaying badges on the pages is to increase the visibility of businesses that strive to have direct contact with their customers. If we are looking for a specific service, and we come to a page without badges, we already know that the existing information will not be complete, so we can continue looking for another company that does have more activity on the social network, something that will be appreciated when customer service is necessary, for example.

Maps, telephone, mail, messenger, physical address, daily updates, product album, online store … Facebook offers many resources to give visibility to a business, and now it wants to reward those who make an effort to keep them updated.

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