Pixel 3 devices die for a mysterious reason

For now, there is no explanation or solution for the sudden death of Google devices.


Serious problems occur a Google Pixel 3and more and more widely. In Google forums and Reddit, more and more users report that the device dies from one moment to the next and enters a so-called EDL mode, making it impossible to install new software or even access the bootloader. Neither do the devices adb toolas sulfur fastboot are not available as devices.

A Qualcomm Emergancy Download Mode (EDL) mode is rarely used in a recovery environment, but is basically for recovery, presumably before any standard Android boot and recovery chain loads on the device. When connected to a PC, phones in EDL mode are displayed as “QUSB_BULK_CID” with a serial number and in principle Qualcomm Product Support Tool they could be achieved. If Google provided the right image file, there would in principle be a chance to flash the device again, but Google doesn’t offer a solution to the problem yet.

The issue may have been caused by a corrupted security update, but it is possible that it is hardware-related, similar to Nexus 5Xwhere soldering between the motherboard and the processor has given way over time. Complicating the situation is the fact that Pixel 3 models have typically already run out of warranty, and you will need to say goodbye to user data even if you can bring the device back to life.

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