Tecbot M1 – A new suction device

A campaign for the vacuum and floor mopping robot Tecbot M1, which has an integrated self-cleaning function, is running on Kickstarter.

Tecbot M1 with fresh and dirty water tank

New robotic vacuum cleaners continue to spring up like mushrooms, which does not make it easier for some interested customers to choose the right model. A completely new model is now showing up on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, through which many manufacturers finance the development and production of new products.

Behind the name Tecbot M1 there is a vacuum and mopping robot, which, unlike many other models, has a fresh and dirty water tank built into the device. So he can clean his roller brush, which is very reminiscent of that of a vacuum cleaner, without having to go back to his base station. What is special here is that this mopping roller lifts itself automatically as soon as the Tecbot M1 detects a carpet. So far, a similar function is only available on the Roborock S7.

Image source: Kickstarter / Tecbot

With a maximum suction power of 4,000 Pascal and navigation via a laser distance sensor, the robot vacuum cleaner has equipment that corresponds to today’s standard. A map is created in the app so that rooms can then be controlled individually. The Tecbot M1 can store maps of up to five floors. In addition to control via app, voice control via Alexa or the Google Assistant is also possible.

The M1’s water tank fits 420 ml of water and 320 ml fits into the dirty water tank. The dust container has a capacity of 500 ml. At just under 11.7 cm, however, the Tecbot M1 is not particularly flat. The 5,200 mAh battery should be sufficient for a cleaning time of up to three hours.


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During the campaign on Kickstarter the price is just under $ 500. Later, the MSRP should be just under $ 910. I am not yet aware of whether and when the M1 will also be launched in Germany.

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