The Realme GT Neo2 promises to be attractive

The first generation has sold millions of copies, and rumor has it that the GT Neo2 is also doomed to success.


Realme actually did the extremely aggressively priced Realme GT 5Gwith the Dimensity 1200 set, slightly lower charging power and even better pricing Realme GT Neo form, no wonder the product was popular. Neo2 can also expect success based on preliminary hardware information, plus with one of the most balanced Snapdragon chipsets.


It’s already official that the Realme GT Neo2 is coming, but the Snapdragon 870 chipset, 6.62-inch, 120 Hz AMOLED panel and 65-watt wired fast charge will have to wait until the presentation. The latter is say envelope a 3C database Based on. In any case, this combination is extremely promising, and based on the first renders, the look will be pleasant, as is presumably the pricing. Only the jack connector would be missing if it really did lag.

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