TikTok Beats YouTube in Average Watch Time, Report Finds

TikTok has surprised strangers itself with its meteoric rise on the social media scene in a relative short space of time, having been able to stand up to the all-powerful Facebook, being an incipient threat to platforms such as Instagram.

Today we know a report from the consulting firm App Annie in which it is highlighted that TikTok has already exceeded the average video viewing time with respect to that used by users on YouTube in the United States and United Kingdom, taking into account only users of Android devices, and without having account to its local market, China, through Douyin.

According to the report, TikTok surpassed YouTube for the first time in the month of August of last year in the United States, where according to the data for the month of June of this year, now 24 hours of visualization are used per month compared to 22 hours and 40 minutes of Youtube.

In the United Kingdom, the difference is even greater, where TikTok surpassed YouTube in May last year, currently spending 26 hours of video consumption per month on TikTok compared to less than 16 hours per month on YouTube.

To better understand the situation, we have to indicate that YouTube is still the queen platform of Internet videos by volume of users, estimated at about 2 billion active users per month, compared to 700 million users of TikTok, still counting with the first position within the segment of “Social and entertainment applications” in terms of time spent on Android phones throughout the first half of the year, leaving TikTok in fifth position, behind the three Facebook applications.

The fact that users spend more money on this platform compared to TikTok also continues to be in favor of YouTube, although as we have seen in recent months, TikTok is also striving to change this trend, working to offer new shopping possibilities.

Despite everything, this has not prevented TikTok from being disruptive to the point of forcing other platforms to launch clones of TikTok, which in the case of YouTube is Shorts, and with which it tries to turn around through economic incentives to creators to try to make its contents go viral and participatory.

It will be interesting to see how far the struggle goes to try to retain as much of us as possible.

Via: BBC News

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