Volkswagen to launch low-cost electric car in 2025

The cities of the future have electric vehicles as one of their key elements. In some parts of the world, the first officially enabled routes for this type of car are already being deployed, as part of a transition that is advancing by leaps and bounds.

At least in the media arena, Tesla occupies a privileged position within this market. To begin penetrating this market segment, Volkswagen announced an electric car for 2025 with a lower cost than the industry average.

An electric car between 20 thousand and 25 thousand euros

Under that price range, the German car company ad which will market its new electric car. Despite being a figure not less for any pocket, it is still a reasonable rate, considering the high costs of the zero kilometer vehicles in this range. Volkswagen presented its offer as an alternative to the high costs that stop the spread of electric vehicles.

Presented under the ID tag. LIFE, this electric car will have enough autonomy to travel 400 kilometers between recharges. The company claims that its 172 kW engine can reach 100 km / h speed in just 6.9 seconds.

In its statement, the company reported that its goal is to penetrate all possible segments of this emerging market, also specifying that its objective is to challenge in the market the most economical model of cars that Tesla will launch on the market soon, this being the least expensive example of the new series of vehicles that Volkswagen will launch.

In this first presentation, no further technical details or measurements of the car are specified. However, despite noting that it is a compact car, this example will have the capacity to accommodate up to four people in its cabin. Among the few details presented in this preliminary instance, the presence of natural wood and recycled plastic material in a large part of its composition stands out. It is also noted that its top cover will be retractable, as in sports cars.

An interesting detail is that instead of a radio or a multimedia center, this function is delegated to the driver’s or a passenger’s mobile, whose presence can be used to control the car’s navigation systems. Another aspect that breaks with the canons traditionally known from common automobiles is the task usually assumed by the mirrors, which in the case of this automobile are entirely replaced by cameras and mirrors.

Volkswagen early announced its full transition towards emission-free technologies in their cars by 2035.

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