WhatsApp will have a function that will make it easier to search between new old conversations

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to search through their old chats.

In addition to multi-device support, reactions, and other series of features that are still being tested, WhatsApp is developing a simpler dynamic for searching through old conversations.

WhatsApp prepares a new search function

WhatsApp It has several features in testing that are within the beta version, and others are still in development. One of the functions that WhatsApp has been developing since the end of 2020 aims to facilitate the search for chats.

Yes, a search function that will save you from spending time searching for conversations in eternal chats. Just as show WABetaInfo In a screenshot, the new function will allow you to search by date and jump directly to the part of the conversation that interests us.

The icon of this new function will be available in each chat. So all you have to do is press the icon to open a calendar that allows us to define a day, month and year. Yes, a dynamic similar to that used in any task manager to define a specific date.

When the date is defined, WhatsApp will perform the search and will direct us to the conversation that corresponds to that specific date. A simple dynamic that will save us a lot of time. This function is being developed for the WhatsApp app on iOS, but it is possible that it will also be contemplated for Android.

Another test that is underway in WhatsApp is the possibility of using reactions in messages. Yes, you can use emojis for reactions, just like Instagram or Facebook. An option that will be available for both personal conversations and those that belong to groups.

It will also be possible to see which emojis other users have used to react, and they will always be visible below the conversation. Perhaps an interesting option in the groups to improvise a survey or show support for some decision of the administrator.

At the moment, WhatsApp has not announced when this function will reach the stable version, so we will have to wait for future updates.

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