Xiaomi Segway-Ninebot: the robot mower you’ll want to buy!

Segway Navimow is the name of the new robotic lawnmower by Xiaomi or, more specifically, its partner Segway-Ninebot. It is one of the most captivating Xiaomi products of recent months, bringing together a lot of technology as well as a higher price.

We can describe the new Segway Navimow as an intelligent robot. It is able to navigate through space, just like a robot vacuum, but instead of cleaning a certain area, Navimow (navigates and mows) mows the grass autonomously, safely and effectively.

This is the new creation of Segway-Ninebot, Xiaomi’s partner

Segway-Ninebot Xiaomi Segway Navimow

The lawn mower is hailed by Segway-Ninebot as the first commercial solution capable of mowing the lawn extremely quietly, aware of the boundaries of the garden. Therefore, it promises to eliminate the stress and fatigue of pushing a traditional lawnmower, a procedure that is not only noisy, but also tiring and possibly dangerous.

Even a lawnmower with rear-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive, needs a human being to guide the machine, pushing it, or at least driving it. This is precisely what Segway-Ninebot’s new product wants to change.

According to Xiaomi’s partner brand, the new robot can do this job on its own as soon as it finds the ideal route, the trajectory defined through the control application. Furthermore, it claims to be able to increase the efficiency of the cutting and/or trimming process of the grass up to six times.

It’s called Segway Navimowe promises to mow the lawn himself

Xiaomi Segway Navimow

At the heart of this lawnmower robot is a new and accurate tracking system. More specifically, the new EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System) positioning system. This system combines the information provided by global positioning satellites (GPS) through the RTK method (real-time differential positioning).

In this way, the new Xiaomi robot obtains an accurate location to the centimeter (outdoors). This way, you can define and find the optimal route for a more efficient work. According to the manufacturer, this is its greatest asset to ensure a good lawn.

Smart navigation is the Xiaomi robot’s greatest asset

Xiaomi Segway-Ninebot Segway Navimow

Additionally, the Xiaomi Navimow robot integrates other sensors that provide you with important information. Among these we highlight geomagnetic information, odometer, inertial navigation, differential barometer, among others. In this way, the robot can continue to work stably even when the satellite signal is temporarily weak, for example.

Safety is guaranteed by a new automatic blade locking system. Thus, you can operate and protect pets, children, as well as the most diverse fragile objects you may find in your path.

Navigate Efficiently and Operate Safely

Xiaomi Navimow

The robot can thus detect obstacles in real time, avoid collisions and avoid areas where it detects movement. It does so thanks to the ultrasonic sensors that equip it and help you navigate more efficiently.

Security is at the heart of the new Xiaomi Navimow

Above we can see the video with the presentation of the new Xiaomi Segway-Ninebot product, as well as its main highlights and features. Among these, we highlight the maximum noise of 54 decibels, a value that is below most current solutions.

According to the manufacturer, this allows the robot to operate more quietly, doing its job without causing too much consternation to the people around it.

The noise produced is in the range of 54 db

Xiaomi Nanomow

The new Navimow robot will be available in four models for consumers to choose from. You will thus be able to mow the lawn in an area of ​​500 to 3000 square meters of garden.

Namely, we will have the Segway Navimow H500E, H800E, H1500E, and H3000E models.

Finally, the new lawnmower robot will hit the market in 2022. Its price, according to the manufacturer, will start at €1,199 for the base model – H500E.

The H800E model will cost €1,499, while the H1500E and H3000E models will cost €1,999 and €2,499, respectively.

In summary:

  • H500E – 1 199 €
  • H800E – 1 499 €
  • H1500E – 1 999 €
  • H3000E – € 2,499

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