Amazon targeted by a bill on the working conditions of its employees

In the United States, the working conditions of Amazon employees worry lawmakers. California is working on the development of a bill to regulate the managerial techniques of the firm founded by Jeff Bezos.

It is not only in France that the working conditions of employees ofAmazon worry. The e-commerce giant, often singled out for the precariousness of its jobs, is this time in the sights of California regulators. A bill that focuses on labor issues in the warehouses of the firm founded by Jeff Bezos was put to a vote in the state Senate this week.

At the epicenter of this reform, the quotas imposed by Amazon and other warehouse companies to their employees. In the summary of the legislative council, shared by Engadget, we can read that the project foresees “That an employee is not required to meet a quota that prevents compliance with meal or rest periods, the use of the washroom or occupational health and safety laws.” Concretely, if the objectives set by the firm are unachievable, they will have to be revised downwards.

A hellish pace

In his article, the New York Times reports that many employees are forced to reduce or eliminate their bathroom breaks altogether in order to meet the quotas demanded by the company. According to the report, many delivery people urinate in bottles or cups to avoid having to stop and fall behind.

Last year it emerged that Amazon was enforcing a cadence of 400 items scanned per hour in centers that use robots. The consequence of this infernal pace: the rate of serious injuries suffered by employees was 50% higher than in warehouses without such machines. Asked by the New York Times, a spokesperson for the company did not comment on the bill. He nevertheless specified that the cases of “Dismissal for performance problems are rare”.

According to a survey, the French employees of the firm will be no less than 22,377 by the end of 2021. Our colleagues met several former and current employees of the company, who confided in the working conditions in warehouses in France. The entire paper is to be found here.

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