Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa splashes the internets with his new costume

James Wan unveils Aquaman’s new look. The hero is adorned in black, for more stealth.

Currently in filming, the second opus of the adventures ofAquaman is revealed on social networks. Jason Momoa, who lends his features to the main character, shared his new costume on Instagram. No more garish colors and the retro siren look, the fish man is adorned in black and visibly begins a darker turn in his narration. Baptized Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and scheduled for December 14, 2022, this sequel is still very mysterious on the plot side.

Fortunately, James Wan is not very discreet when it comes to sharing exclusive footage from the shoot. In the caption of the image, he specifies that the character will not completely abandon his old look. This black suit will obviously be a stealth suit, developed by the Atlanteans and based on the camouflage ability of the cephalopods. “David Leslie Johnson and I were inspired by the ’80s’ blue suit’.”

Towards another record for DC Comics and Warner Bros

After a successful first opus, more than a billion dollars at the box office, this second film should easily find a place of choice in the program of the end of the year in 2022. In the casting, a good part of the actors from the first chapter will be back. While Jason Momoa will play Arthur Curry, Amber Heard will return to Mera’s shoes. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II should appear on screen in the skin of the antagonist Black Manta.

By the time the film is released, Warner Bros. is expected to share some never-before-seen footage during the DC FanDome next October. the 16th of next month, all fans of comics and series and films are invited to an online event which should lift the veil on many other projects. In addition to Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, DC will undoubtedly give news of The Batman and The Flash : Flashpoint.

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