iPhone 13, iPad, Mac… Substantial price increase approaching at Apple?

The founder of chips for the iPhone and Mac, TSMC, has reportedly decided to increase its prices due to the global shortage of electronic components.

Will Apple end up increasing the prices of all its products? It is the fear of Nikkei, which now relays information from TSMC, Apple’s main chip supplier.

Thus, the founder is preparing to increase its prices in order to compensate for the losses linked to the global shortage of electronic components. While TSMC’s prices were already 20% higher than those of its competitors, the company is once again expected to widen the gap with one of the biggest hikes of the decade. According to the Nikkei, TSMC would thus pass this increase on to its customers, in particular the largest ones, such as Apple. This is all the more restrictive for the Apple company, which has never needed TSMC so much.

Dangerous addiction?

If Apple has relied on the Taiwanese founder for years to produce its AX chips for iPhone and iPad, the company is now generalizing its Apple Silicon chips on computers, which further increases its dependence on TSMC. By the end of the year, we expect, in particular, new MacBook Pro inaugurating a new home chip, the Apple M1X, while the entire Mac catalog should soon switch to Apple Silicon.

But if we can expect that Apple in turn will pass on the increase in the price of its chips by increasing the price of certain products, it will not be for now, explains the Nikkei. A priori, we should expect an increase from next year, mainly on high-end devices.

The more expensive iPhone 13?

We could nevertheless have a glimpse of it from this September with l’iPhone 13. Last month, DigiTimes claimed that Apple’s next flagship would have to be priced slightly higher in order to offset rising component prices. However, this may not apply to all markets. It is also rumored that Apple would offer a variant of its iPhone 13 Pro equipped with 1TB of storage, which would make it the most expensive iPhone model ever sold by Apple.

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