The iPhone 13 will arrive on September 14th

There are rumors of extraterrestrial opportunities, Apple just announced the date.


September is the traditional start date for iPhones, so it is safe to say that on the 14th, next Tuesday Series 13 will be in the lead role – then that if not, then we will use the word surprise in the banner. The truth, of course, is that it is expected not only the new iPhone family is falling in, is expected to Apple Watch update with some design fixes and you’ll have the launch of the next version of iOS, watchOS, iPadOS and macOS, plus related features. So far, the event has received only a concise invitation (see above), but it is still eloquent in that it depicts an open space with an excellent view of the sky.

IPhone 13 rendering in orange – Rendersbyian [+]

The iPhone 13 in connection with this, the central theme of the last few days is the possibility of a potential satellite emergency call, or at least the sending of SOS messages from places where neither WiFi nor mobile network connection is available, and of course a view of an extraterrestrial constellation. According to tips, Apple phones can use the 53G 5G frequency band of Globalstar satellites for this purpose, which can be supported by a special version of the built-in Qualcomm X60 5G chip developed for the Apple A15 Bionic. This would not be the first time that a phone can operate on both GSM and satellite networks, but it is eloquent that Thuraya X5 Touch he probably won’t tell anyone anything because he never became popular.

In addition to the Thuraya X5 Touch GSM, it was also able to connect to a satellite network with a large antenna
In addition to the Thuraya X5 Touch GSM, it was also able to connect to a satellite network with a large antenna (source: Globaltt)

A PhoneArena also notes that it is illegal to use satellite phones (for civilians) in dozens of countries around the world, so this may complicate local sales, so chances are Apple will have such capabilities in the US for the first time and the SOS feature itself next year. , meanwhile, there is plenty to negotiate with satellite and terrestrial providers. It is also questionable whether an iPhone with satellite communications capabilities will be able to enter countries like India, China, Russia or Bangladesh, where it is banned on paper – and of course there are those who have been arriving in Apple for years or not. your own satellite system he sees his preparations, though so far primarily SpaceX and OneWeb are building their own beautiful constellations for fast data communication, and Jeff “Who?” Bezos Project Kuiper’s system is also just the music of the future.

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