Twitter tries a new option to delete followers without blocking them


Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow us to moderate our follower list.

A new dynamic that will allow us to choose who we want as followers, without the need to block them or resort to keeping our Twitter account private.

So you can delete followers without blocking them

If we want to maintain a public account in Twitter We don’t have much control over who can follow us, unless we choose to block those who follow us to harass or spam. And of course, we have the Twitter options to report these types of users.

And now Twitter is adding a new option to moderate our list of followers without having to block users. As you can see in the screenshots shared by the Twitter team, a new option is tested that allows you to remove or remove a follower.

It will be as simple as looking for our list of followers, clicking on the menu of the three dots and choosing the option “Remove this follower”. Once we do this, that user will no longer see our tweets on their timeline. And of course, the user will not be notified of this action.

So while it will not prevent these users from following your activity on Twitter, if you have a public account, it will remove visibility. Twitter has not mentioned when it will officially implement this option for all users, so we will have to wait for future updates.

Remember that Twitter has many functions in tests related to security, more control over how to interact and new settings to customize the dynamics of our account. A combination of functions that seek to improve interaction, encourage healthy communication and stop bullying.

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