Twitter wants to show the images in the style of Instagram

Images that can be seen in all their splendor in the style of Instagram is what Twitter is testing in one of its latest experiments.

Yes, instead of displaying cropped media posts, Twitter will display videos and images edge-to-edge to fill the entire width of the screen.

Twitter will improve the way videos and images are displayed

Twitter is testing various experiments related to displaying the images. While multimedia content has always been supported on Twitter, it has taken a back seat when it comes to exposure. Tweets are always the protagonists and images work as an attachment. So you have to select them to open them and have a complete visualization.

And we find the same dynamics with the videos within Twitter. Although you can reproduce them without problems, the entire width of the screen is not used to improve its display. However, with the new Twitter test this dynamic changes.

As you see in the video that shares the Twitter team, the videos and images will take up the entire width of the screen. The profile image and the text are at the top showing the multimedia content in all its splendor, just as it happens on Instagram.

At the moment, this new way of displaying videos, images and Gif is only being tested on iOS, and Twitter has not elaborated on that. It may only be available in Twitter’s mobile apps, as is the case with one of the latest changes dedicated to images.

Maybe you remember that a few months ago, Twitter activated in the apps, both for iOS and Android, the display of images in full size. An option that is not yet available in the web version.

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