After its Galaxy Fold, Samsung unveils an expandable screen

The Korean giant is just starting to impose its foldable smartphones on the international market, but it is already planning new technologies related to screens.

After presenting in detail its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, Samsung obviously has other strings to its bow. The Korean giant, which established itself a few years ago as the precursor of foldable screen smartphones, now seems ready to invest in a new technology, that of the expandable panel.

No touch in the program?

Unlike foldable screens, these new samsung expandable tiles however, may not be intended for smartphones. In the same way as flexible roll-up screens, the use of which is slowly starting to spread in the television market, expandable screens could rather target non-interactive displays.

Because in addition to being able to adjust its size (as roll-up screens already do), this new system could also bring a new dimension to screens. If we are to believe the first videos unveiled by Samsung at Global Tech Korea 2021, the OLED panel imagined by the Korean giant could also raise its surface according to its display. Enough to give the screen a real 3D effect, without having to resort to optical illusions. If for the moment, the concept is still presented at a preliminary stage, one can only imagine the possibilities that this type of technology would offer in the future.

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