Almost a third of the trucks that circulate in Spain emit high levels of pollution, according to T&E

Almost a third of the trucks in Spain exceed the legal limits of contamination imposed by the European Union, according to a study by Transport & Evironment (T&E).

The tests have been carried out, mainly, in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona and the main problem has been the high emission of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂).

Emission standards for trucks will be revised in 2022

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Emissions checks have been made over the course of three years -between 2017 and 2019- to Euro 6 trucks, show that the 29% of 587 light and heavy trucks that have been measured are high emitters of nitrogen oxide (NOx).

The NOx emissions that are analyzed from the tailpipe are made up of both nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO₂). Only the second is the toxic fraction, but NO is also regulated since, in contact with air, it transforms into NO₂.

The high NO₂ rates in road transport makes it a serious public health problem and it can lead to the premature death of at least 50,000 Europeans a year, according to T&E.

The tests carried out, according to T&E, last two and a half hours and the emissions produced in the everyday driving conditions, such as going slow or cold starts – emissions from the first time the engine is started – so they can be inaccurate and cause some models to become more polluting over time.

The CO₂ emission standards will be reviewed in 2022, giving the European Commission a new opportunity to set more ambitious targets and thus set End of sale of most internal combustion vehicles in 2035.

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