Almost normalized again in the first half of 2022: Valeo does not see black when there is a downturn in the car industry

The French auto supplier Valeo sees the shortage of chips in the industry more optimistically than many other companies. “My estimate is that the situation will almost normalize again in the first half of 2022,” said Vice-boss Christophe Perillat in an interview with journalists at the auto show IAA Mobility in Munich. The future CEO of the competitor of the German auto supplier Continental, like other industry representatives, assumes that the situation will improve at the end of this year, after the third quarter will be affected by plant closures at chip manufacturers in Asia.

However, companies such as Daimler and Continental doubt that the industry will get out of the delivery problems quickly and are skeptical whether the situation will improve fundamentally before 2023. Demand remains high and the establishment of new production capacities takes time, said Daimler boss Ola Kllenius at the fair. BMW boss Zipse spoke of six to twelve months that would still be marked by the chip crisis. “The situation is difficult to predict,” said Perillat. However, the chip manufacturers were already gradually expanding their capacities, so that the shortage should gradually be resolved.

Hopeful assistance systems

Like Conti, Valeo will, among other things, rely heavily on assistance systems in cars in the coming years and will supply sensor and electronic systems for them. In a joint venture with Siemens, the French also build components for electric drive trains. (dpa / gem)

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