Apple Watch Series 7: headache for Apple before it was released

Unlike what happened in 2020, everything indicates that Apple will present the new iPhone 13 during this month of September. And next to it will also be presented the new version of your smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 7.

It is public that Apple has been facing problems in the production of the new smart watch, due to the shortage of components and aesthetic changes in the new model. And while the release is not expected to change, Mark Gurman has already left the warning to fans.

According to what the journalist reveals in the latest edition of his newsletter, Power On, Apple has three options: postpone the launch, go ahead with it and make the product available in limited quantities or present it, but release it to the market later.

Design esperado do Apple Watch Series 7
Design esperado do Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 May Take Time to Reach First Buyers

“I’m led to believe that we will see an advertisement during the usual September event alongside the iPhone, but there will be a mix of models that will be shipped late or in small quantities,” writes the journalist.

As for the source, the new Apple Watch screen has caused some production headaches. Remember that this will be the major aesthetic change for the new model, which is expected with a flat panel, following the iPhone 12 trend.

Design esperado do Apple Watch Series 7
Design esperado do Apple Watch Series 7

This will allow the usual 40mm and 44mm sizes to be upgraded to 41mm and 45mm. Inside, a new processor is a sure thing. As for the battery, it’s anybody’s guess whether Apple will make it more expressive.

According to MacRumors, the Apple event will be on September 14th. However, official confirmation by the brand is still awaited.

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