BMW invests 20,000 million euros in batteries for its electric cars, with China as the main supplier

Faced with the growing demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers continue to increase orders for raw materials (such as Tesla with nickel and lithium) and batteries.

BMW now has contracts for more than 20 billion euros in batteries, compared to the 12,000 million euros it had previously, as explained by the executive director, Oliver Zipse, in an interview collected by Bloomberg.

Asia is still the world’s supplier

Bmw I4

This new commission is aimed at developing the BMW i4 sports saloon and the family iX, among other new models that BMW is producing until 2024.

In fact, the BMW iX has in one of its versions a huge 105 kWh battery of useful capacity, the largest battery that equips a series car in Europe, with the permission of the Rimac Fridge of two million euros and its 120 kWh battery.

The main suppliers are the Chinese giant CATL, EVE Energy, the Korean Samsung SDI and the Swedish Northvolt.

“We are following the market,” Zipse said. “The first semester has shown that we are growing and gaining market share. We are in the midst of electrification. “

While BMW has prepared a response to the growing sales of electric vehicles, it remains limited by semiconductor shortage.

A couple of months ago he warned that the situation is “really critical” and that there may be even a further loss of production.

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