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With the hot months of July and August filed away, it’s time to take a look at new automotive offers of September 2021, famously a month symbol of restart. Well, Fiat starts again, especially serving its bestseller Panda: the new Fiat Panda Hybrid can be purchased for 8,600 euros with zero advance and first installment in 2022, with five doors and climate included – plus a free voucher worth 500 euros. For the Panda Sport Hybrid it goes up to 10,300 euros instead of 11,700, while the new Panda City Life fueled by natural gas costs 11,700 euros instead of 13,100 euros, again with zero advance and first installment in 2022. Finally, Panda LPG gets you starting from 9,700 euros instead of 11,100 euros.

The Tipo range is also on sale, starting from 11,900 euros, the new Tipo City Cross, from € 14,700, and the Station Wagon variant, from € 13,500. The new 500 Hybrid starts at 10,500 euros, again with financing, zero advance and first installment in 2022, while new 500 electric is yours from 159 euros per month thanks to state incentives and with used to be scrapped. Also in this case the free voucher of 500 euros is included.

Stellantis promotions

Always remaining in the Stellantis house, Alfa Romeo proposes Stelvio and Giulia starting from 299 euros per month with theft and fire policy, Lancia instead has its own Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic starting from 9,950 euros with zero advance, the LPG variant costs 11,400 euros in September, while the methane-powered Ypsilon reaches 12,800 euros.

Looking at the mark of the Lion, Peugeot 208 can be had from 10,900 euros or from 199 euros with Free2Move Lease, new electric e-208 even from 129 euros per month thanks to incentives, with 6 months of unlimited public top-ups with i-Move. New 308 starts at € 22,900 or 299 euros per month, while the bestseller 3008 can be had from 27,900 euros or 299 euros per month with Free2Move Lease. Opel tries to stand out from the crowd by proposing a “voucher” up to 1,000 euros discount: to get it enough request a quote on the official website, in order to block current offers. A few examples: new Corsa can be taken from 129 euros per month with an extra discount of 750 euros that can be obtained by filling out the form above. New Mokka can instead be had from 199 euros per month with Opel choice. At Citroen la new C3 can be had from 99 euros per month, the new C4 instead from 159 euros per month, reaching 199 euros for the 100% electric variant.

Jeep also focuses on vouchers worth 500 euros, obtainable by purchasing your car online – to be spent on the purchase of Mopar services and accessories. With the current Jeep Renegade 80th anniversary promotions in September you can have it from 159 euros per month, the same price as the variante Plug-in Hybrid 4xe.

With the new Compass it goes up to 249 euros per month with 2 years of maintenance and 4 years of warranty included in the installment. For the iconic Wrangler, on the other hand, you can opt for the solution Jeep Free: 20,000 euros in advance and no monthly installments, after two years you can decide whether to keep, change or return the car.

From Toyota to Ford

The time has therefore come to take a trip to Japan: Toyota fielded 51 different offers in September, among which the new Aygo Connect from 11,250 euros with Toyota Bonus stand out, Yaris Hybrid da 17,450 euros, new Yaris Cross Hybrid from 21,150 euros, new Corolla Hybrid from 22,000 euros.

At Mazda, summer is not over yet: the Summer Bonuses will in fact go on until September 30th, thanks to which you can have the new CX-30 starting from 25,200 euros up to 4,500 euros of benefits, the electric MX-30 from 34,900 euros up to 10,466 euros in benefits in the event of scrapping, Mazda2 from 18,300 euros up to 4,000 euros in benefits, Mazda3 from 24,500 euros up to 4,500 euros in benefits – and these are just a few examples. Even at Suzuki you are spoiled for choice: in fact, the “100% Incentives” promotions continue, with benefits of up to 10,000 euros on the hybrid and 4×4 range, therefore valid on Across Plug-in, Swace, Vitara, S-Cross, Swift and Ignis. Nissan instead offers new Micra from 119 euros per month with Ecobonus, Intelligent Buy and scrapping. Juke can be had with € 6,500 of eco-incentives, new Qashqai from 259 euros per month with Intelligent Buy.

Returning to Europe, Renault continues to “hit the nail” of the promo Renault Easy, which allows you to have new Clio from 99 euros per month, new Twingo from 109 euros per month, new Captur E-Tech Hybrid from 139 euros per month. With Mégane it goes up to 189 euros per month, while the new Renault Arkana crossover can be had from 249 euros per month, including the excellent E-Tech Hybrid version.

Without going too far from the parent company, Dacia proposes the Sandero range from 3 euros per day, or 90 euros per month. The new Duster, on the other hand, starts at 5 euros per day, 150 euros per month with PlusValore Dacia. Taking a trip to the United States, Ford has the entire Puma range in promotion, including the hybrid diesel versions, with Extra Bonus up to 5,750 euros, on Fiesta instead you get to 5,150 euros of Extra Bonus, while the new Kuga can take advantage of up to 7,050 euros of Extra Bonus.

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