CHUWI RZBox: The Powerful New Mini PC with Ryzen-9 4900H CPU

A CHUWI is well known and sought after for its computers, laptops, tablets and also by Mini PC. Today, the Chinese manufacturer introduced the new RZBox. It is a powerful mini PC, powered by AMD’s Ryzen 9 4900H processor.

The new product is a real feat as it can also fit up to 64 GB of RAM memory in a compact form factor. In fact, the size of this new RZBox is closer to a smartphone like the Apple iPhone than a Windows tower.

The new Mini PC CHUWI RZBox uses one of the best AMD processors

CHUWI Ryzen 9 4900H mini PC

For those looking for a new powerful and compact mini-PC we can confidently point to this creation by CHUWI. In particular due to the fact that using AMD’s high-end processor makes it significantly faster than many alternatives equipped with Intel chips.

Even though the mini PC market is still dominated by Intel CPU products. More specifically the NUC’s of this manufacturer, it is certain that there are more and better alternatives. Now, we get to know one more of these good alternatives in the form of this new CHUWI RZBox worthy of note.

The product starts shipping from October 2021. However, there is an giveaway a decorrer on the brand page where they can qualify to win the new compact computer equipped with AMD CPU.

Its “heart” is AMD’s Ryzen 9 4900H CPU

Exploded view with the main components of the RXBox.

The product stands out above all for the CPU Ryzen 9 4900H from AMD. It is a processor with 8 cores and 16 threads with a rate of clock up to 4.4 GHz in mode turbo.

we also have up to 64GB of RAM memory DDR4 e up to 5TB NVME storage device in full version to complete its main features.

Note that on this mini PC we cannot change the CPU. However, it is possible to configure and upgrade RAM memory and internal storage by having two slots memory and storage M.2.


The graphics are accepted by GPU Vega-8 a 7 nm, integrada na board. This is potentially the biggest limitation of the mini PC, only suitable for lighter games. However, this will not be your primary task or function as a rule.

Also according to Chuwi it is possible to reach 55 fps in GTA V, 77 fps in CS:GO, 60 fps in NBA 2K21, 68 fps in Overwatch and 60 fps in Fortnite. Furthermore, it reaches 57 fps in Apex Legends and 51 fps in PUBG. Assassin’s Creed Origins hits 30 fps.

That is, for a conventional office use and typical use of this product, you will not feel any hindrance.

The CHUWI RZBox is compact, well built and competitive

The overall look of the new CHUWI RZBOX.

The dimensions of the CHUWI RZBox are extremely compact. We are facing 18.79 x 17.78 x 6.10 centimeters in height x width x thickness. The construction is metallic (aluminum alloy) with several grooves for better cooling of the product.

In summary, their dimensions are not very different from those of an iPhone 12, in height, while they are much smaller than those of a Windows tower, the typical desktop computer. Anyway, this mini PC doesn’t give up its ports and connectivity!

We also noticed that the entire system is built around a radial ventilation system. This means that thermal dissipation must take place without hindrance considering the format chosen by Chuwi.

Connectivity and cooling are well resolved in this Chuwi mini PC

The main ports and connectivity of the CHUWI RZBOX.

We find, on the front of this mini PC, 2 audio jacks, 3.5 mm inputs. We also have 1 USB-C port and 1 USB 2.0 port on the front of the computer.

On the other hand, at the rear we have Dual LAN inputs, 1 Displayport, 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

In summary, the computer is full of entries, especially considering its reduced format.

The price is not yet known, but you can participate in the giveaway


Finally, we still don’t have exact information about your recommended retail price. However, can now access the page and be eligible to win a computer on the giveaway.

The initiative is already active if you want to try your luck, in addition to getting to know the product better.

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