Confirmed! The delicious Morgan 3 Wheeler will return in 2022

At the end of 2020 Morgan said goodbye to the latest generation of its iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler, with a limited edition of 33 units with last name P101 edition and a distinctive retro design.

Then the British brand already announced that it was not a final goodbye, and now, just one month after the last unit is manufactured, has kept its word confirming that the new generation of the 3 Wheeler is already underway.

First data of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler

New Morgan 3 Wheeler Side View

As shown by the official images of the model in its last phase of development and despite the camouflage, the final design will not bring big surprises as is customary in Morgan. An example is the beautiful roadster Morgan Plus Four, which retains its own features for more than 60 years despite the current generation equipping BMW mechanics of the most current.

Morgan has confirmed that the new generation of the new 3 Wheeler will arrive in 2022 with a design language “inspired by the early era of jet jets.” Although at the moment the brand has not revealed many details, of the prototypes shown in the images and that they are carrying out durability tests, some changes can be deduced.

Thus, visible elements such as the steering or suspension stand out on the front. Being a prototype under test, the fact that the engine is not exposed can be a temporary solution.

However, it has emerged that instead of the V-Twin engine of the outgoing generation, the new Morgan 3 Wheeler will resort to an atmospheric block of three cylinders of Ford origin. At the moment in the mechanical section there are no more official data.

After the project of the Morgan 3 Wheeler Electric is unsuccessful, the imminent arrival of a new generation with a combustion engine is great news for the brand’s customers and fans of the peculiar three-wheeler that was born in 2011.

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