Extended support for the Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi promises three new android software generations and four years of security bug fixes.


Although the XiaUI interface will be rolled over to the current version by Xiaomi on its devices for years, plenty of phones will receive up to one generation of system updates, and often a lot to look forward to. However, market trends are moving towards longer product support, and let’s face it: with sustainability at the forefront, it’s not okay for a mobile to become so obsolete in a few years that it’s unsafe to store our data on it, or for some newer major service to run.


On behalf of the brand a Xiaomi 11T and the 11T Pro will be the first two models to be guaranteed three new Android system generations and four years of security bug fix updates. By the way, this thing is newsworthy just because the brand is now openly talking about the models coming on September 15th, and not by the way the dear Mi 10 after last year’s a 10T family harvested the laurels on a price / value line. Of course, Xiaomi does not question whether the cheaper Redmi models will also receive such long product support.

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