Facebook and Ray-Ban prepare smart glasses, but without Augmented Reality

Facebook already has extremely powerful Virtual Reality glasses, the Oculus, but now they want to enter the smart glasses sector with style, and for this they have partnered with Ray-Ban to offer classic frames.

They will be officially released later today, but we already know details of their design, leaked before the announcement by the well-known Evan “Evleaks” Blass.

They will be three separate models, called Ray-Ban Stories, with the company’s classic frames and a couple of cameras on each side and a button in the upper right (probably to manage the cameras).

Three of Ray-Ban’s classic frame styles are currently visible, including Wayfarer and Round, along with Meteor. They feature the Ray-Ban logo, and no Facebook logo is visible on the frames. They also come with a case, a protective bag, a charging cable, a reference guide, and a warranty.

At the moment they only look like glasses equipped with a camera, like the Snap models, although Snap has already taken the step of augmented reality. Zuckerberg has already commented that Ray-Ban models are just a first step to having full Augmented Reality devices in the future.

Later today, when the presentation has been made, we will comment on the technical details of them.

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