Fleet market in August: e-cars overtake diesel

Electric vehicles are also gaining ground in the fleet market. For the first time, electrified vehicles, pure e-cars and plug-in hybrids, with 18,934 new registrations, have a higher volume than diesel and diesel hybrids (18,901 new registrations). This is evident from the analyzes carried out by Dataforce’s fleet experts.

With a share of 14.9 percent, all-electric cars are now clearly ahead of plug-in hybrids with 12.7 percent.

Overall, August was also a difficult month for the fleet business: the relevant fleet market lost 22.0 percent, slightly less than the overall market. On the other hand, the decline in the private market was stronger at -25.3 percent.

Sharp declines in vans

In the other commercial approvals, the picture is inconsistent. Vehicle construction (-30.6 percent) suffered the greatest losses of all channels. For vehicle dealers (-18.5 percent) and car rental companies (-18.6 percent), the declines were somewhat smaller compared to their already low comparative values ​​from 2020.

Overall, new registrations fell by 23 percent in August to a good 193,300 cars. This year, August registrations fell below the 200,000 car mark for the first time since Dataforce records began in 2001.

The production losses are also affecting the van market more and more. In August, new registrations of light commercial vehicles and their sister models with passenger car registration shrank by 24.9 percent to just under 34,000. The relevant fleet market fell by a quarter to around 16,250 vans.

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