Forget the iPhone 13… here is the iPhone 14!

A leaker has just detailed the successor to the iPhone 13, while the latter has not yet been announced.

The iPhone 13 has not yet been presented (meeting on Tuesday September 14) that his successor is already starting to make people talk about him. In a video, the leaker Jon Prosser claims to unveil the iPhone 14, expected in 2022.

According to Prosser, the iPhone 14 should inaugurate a new design strongly inspired by the iPhone 4. Thus, we would find straight edges, round volume buttons, and two thick layers of glass on the front and back. This glass would completely cover the Apple logo on the back. The device would also be thicker, in order to add a larger battery to it, and allow the photo sensors to no longer protrude from the case.

Credit: Jon Prosser x Rendersbylan

Most surprisingly, this remains the front of the hypothetical smartphone presented by Jon Prosser. The notch would disappear to make room for a centered punch. Face ID would still be there, and the sensors that make up the facial recognition system would be placed under the slab. Finally, there would once again be a Lightning port for recharging, and no USB-C.

Credit: Jon Prosser x Rendersbylan

Too good to be true ?

If this “iPhone 14” has something to please, we have serious doubts about the reliability of this leak. Jon Prosser has hit the nail on the head in the past, that’s true, but he’s also had a lot of hiccups under his belt. Between the keynote dates chosen at random, the erroneous information on many products such as the AirPower or, more recently, on the Pixel 6. Last year, the leaker even announced that the Apple Glass would be presented during the conference dedicated to the iPhone 12, that is to say.

We therefore give relatively little credit to these leaks, even if some assumptions may seem consistent. The design of this iPhone 14 does not seem so delusional, but it remains totally uncertain. While Apple designs many prototypes and certainly tests countless designs in-house, it is impossible to define the contours of a future iPhone so precisely before it actually goes into production. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that the iPhone’s photo block will end up being deleted, at a time when Apple is largely emphasizing this element on its most premium devices. As for the total elimination of the notch, it now seems totally improbable.

Credit: Jon Prosser x Rendersbylan

After being able to get hold of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung and the ZTE Axon 30 5G, two smartphones sporting an invisible camera, we have seen that this technology is clearly not ready to date. In addition, while the iPhone 13 should inaugurate a reduced notch – for the very first time since the launch of the iPhone X – it is hard to imagine that it will be removed as early as next year. Finally, in recent years, Apple has not accustomed us to launching a technology without fully mastering it first.

While waiting for the iPhone 14, you can still read our folder dedicated to the iPhone 13, compiling everything you need to know about the future flagship of Apple a few days before its official presentation. I promise, it’s much more reliable.

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