Get out of coal-fired power generation quickly: VW supervisory board chairman Pötsch for a faster energy transition

VW supervisory board chairman Hans Dieter Pötsch sees a faster energy turnaround as a key requirement for change in the auto industry – after the federal elections, the pace must be increased significantly here. “There needs to be solutions for important issues that should be politically clarified quickly,” he told the German Press Agency on the sidelines of the IAA Mobility trade fair in Munich. “This applies above all to the framework conditions for electromobility, for example how enough green electricity can be produced in the future. This also includes getting out of coal-fired power generation quickly.”

A more consistent switch to electricity from renewable sources as quickly as possible is required, emphasized Pötsch. According to the current legal situation, Germany should completely abandon coal power by 2038 at the latest. With a view to more rapid CO2 reductions, climate protectionists are calling for a much earlier phase-out. Most recently, there were significant hiccups across Germany with the expansion and the necessary renewal of wind power and solar systems.

“The future of our industry is electric”

The chief supervisor of Volkswagen also sees the “far too long approval procedures for network expansion” as an obstacle. This applies to the slow expansion of the networks to distribute additional green electricity and to protect against fluctuations as well as to the charging options for e-cars. The state is funding the latter with billions, but the number of available stations is lagging behind the growing demand for cars with alternative drives.

“We need a wider charging network for e-vehicles more quickly,” said Pötsch. Car manufacturers and energy providers are already involved in this infrastructure task – VW, for example, is a member of the Ionity consortium, which is promoting the expansion of motorways and trunk roads.

“The future of our industry is electric,” said the chief controller of the largest German company. “That is why it is a central requirement for politicians to tackle the elimination of existing deficits on the way there as quickly as possible.” (dpa-AFX / os)

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