Google Meet will allow you to make direct calls without the need to generate links

Google wants to make calls using Meet more “spontaneous”, so it plans to eliminate the previous steps that are needed to communicate with one of our contacts.

That is, it will no longer be necessary to create a meeting and create a link to communicate with another user, but we can call him directly using Google Meet.

New Google feature to make calls without links

Until now, when we want to make a video call using Google Meet, whether group or individual, we have to generate a link to share it with the rest of the users. A normal dynamic in most popular video calling services, like Zoom.

However, Google wants to simplify the way users communicate through Meet. And for this, it has announced a series of changes, for example, the possibility of making individual calls without the need to generate links.

And for this, Google will implement direct calls with Meet from the Gmail app. Yes, as happened with Hangouts when it was integrated into Gmail, users will be able to initiate a call with their contacts directly from this interface, without having to “create a meeting” and share the link.

When we use this new dynamic, our contact’s mobile phone will begin to ring indicating that they have a chat call, or if they are in a web browser they will receive a notification from Gmail. One detail to keep in mind is that this will only be possible for individual calls.

The dynamics for group calls remain the same: create a meeting to generate a link and share it with the rest of the participants. The Google team mentioned that this new feature will be rolled out to the Gmail app soon.

And this is just one of the news that Google is preparing for Meet, since as we mentioned in a previous article, it announced a series of news for Workspace users.

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