Google Photos now allows you to print photos in larger sizes

Usually, most of the photos that are taken with mobile phones are never backed up on physical paper, despite the fact that there are many options for it. One of the services that users can go to is Google Photos, being able to order their prints directly from the application.

Google Photos began by allowing the creation of personalized albums, and since then, the options have not stopped growing. In this sense, Google Photos takes a further step in its photo printing service by adding support for larger photo sizes, also allowing orders to be taken home, in addition to offering new print sizes on canvas.

Note that the possibilities of users will depend on the market in which they are available, with few possibilities for those outside the United States.

Regarding the print sizes, in addition to the existing options, that is, 4 × 6, 5 × 7 or 8 × 10, users will now have four additional options more generous in terms of sizes for their photos: 11 × 14, 12 × 18, 16 × 20 and 20 × 30.

On the other hand, home delivery support is currently available in the United States, with the increased shipping cost added to the order total.

Regarding the canvas printing offer, which is also available only for the United States, the new size options that will arrive over the next few weeks are 8 × 10, 16x 6, 20 × 30, 24 × 36, 30 × 40 and 36 × 36, which are added to the existing options: 8 × 8, 11 × 14 and 16 × 20.

Google Photos recalls that it also continues to have the possibility of creating photo albums, either hardcover or softcover, a service that is available in the United States, Canada and in some European countries, including Spain, starting at 9, 99 dollars.

It also continues with its printing service premium under subscription of $ 6.99 per month, only for the United States, bringing 10 random prints on cardstock from among the best photos available in the library of Google photos.

What is interesting for users from other countries, such as Spain, is that users of this service will now be able to choose new photo printing sizes with which to save larger memories and moments.

At this point, it is already a matter of whether users can be encouraged to back up the best photos they have saved on their devices to have a physical medium where they can see them on any occasion.

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