Honduras and Guatemala also like the idea of ​​Bitcoin, as does El Salvador

It is the theme of the week, the official adoption of Bitcoin as currency of daily use in an entire country, in El Salvador, a measure widely criticized by those who believe it will only serve to make money easy for the rich to launder.

The fact is that the central banks of Honduras and Guatemala are also analyzing the issue, verifying the possibility of adopting digital currencies to offer banking services to those who currently do not have access.

It was yesterday Wednesday when the presidents of the central banks of Honduras and Guatemala said that banks were analyzing the implementation of digital currencies with the aim of possibly introducing them into the economy, including through a central bank digital currency.

The first days of adoption in El Salvador have had many drawbacks, including technical errors and demonstrations by citizens, who remain suspicious, thinking that it will not help to get out of poverty. The price of Bitcoin took a tremendous drop precisely because of those problems. Now the situation is stabilizing, although it is too early to guarantee success of any kind.

The president of the Central Bank of Honduras, Wilfredo Cerrato, commented:

The Central Bank of Honduras has also recently begun, approved by the board of directors, to initiate the study to determine the feasibility of conducting a pilot test by issuing its own digital money or a central bank digital currency.

Meanwhile, the vice president of the central bank of Guatemala, José Alfredo Blanco, also said that the bank was analyzing the possibility of having a local digital currency, although it would not be bitcoin, it would be a call iQuetzal.

It seems that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and if governments support it in this way, the economy around the world will have to rethink.

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